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Jouyato Jouyato 9 August


yee yee

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Jouyato Jouyato 29 April

more oc memes? more oc memes.

genuine death save me from this hell . also fun fact poppies are associated with both hypnos and thanatos in mythology but in my lore thanatos is not as fond of poppies due to the fact that hypnos loves them and his wife's soul nurtures them so it's like a roundabout way of thinking pasithea's still out here taking attention away from thanatos.

he did use to like them when they were kids though.

also black sheep Death haha loser always the unloved one in the family.

cursed mildew hypnos bc i have no idea what hed smell like. hed taste like milk though probably. smth milky. euphorbia sap most likely.

thanatos more specifically smells like sharp, cold winter air entering a stale, stagnant and empty room.

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Jouyato Jouyato 29 November 2020

diff vers. and stuff

ya ever tenderly walk w ur master in the middle of the night thru narrow columnades where ur forced to be real close w each other before being suddenly lit by torches and revealed to the general public?

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Jouyato Jouyato 24 September 2020

spicy nyxiades comp

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Jouyato Jouyato 19 September 2020

tarot set maybe



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Jouyato Jouyato 15 September 2020

gif versions of the family pic!!!

smell the white on them. heres some hcs bc my brain doodoo rn.

first born (23) is the tallest woman on the right. she does manual labour on the farm. p strong. quiet w a good head on her shoulders. she doesnt understand what's different and due to her parents' disgust, becomes uncomfortable around the topic of anwirfell. she isnt necessarily cruel to him just... judgemental.

second born (22) is the tallest man on the left. while helpful on the farm, he is more of the person who takes care of actually selling their produce. more of a merchant. travels to town w dad. hes p intolerant and believes that what's different should just be seperated. regards anwirfell w disdain. close to firstborn. they are both quite soft at heart but he is more of …

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Jouyato Jouyato 8 July 2020

gif wips

drew a doodle of allen and rilliane

who knows if i'll colour it im too lazy mmmmmmm

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Jouyato Jouyato 30 May 2020

drug score redraw

i love shiina mota hope hes doing good miss that mans

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Jouyato Jouyato 16 May 2020


Looking For The Opportune Moment To Print Them

i genuinely dont know if we have ink

the contrasting palettes is rlly nice. night/day vibes very cool

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Jouyato Jouyato 9 May 2020

dnd charts baby

ya boi finally made a height chart. heres an alignment chart as well just for funsies uwu

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Jouyato Jouyato 15 April 2020

no f ILT AAA (render i mean lol)

hi fellas welcome to no filter hell animations im never doing this again lol took 3 years off my life

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Jouyato Jouyato 7 March 2020

picrew hell

i love my dnd characters. would love to draw them someday.

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Jouyato Jouyato 20 February 2020

sleath stuff

cropp for hypnos close up

also some outward fluffed death for that extra moe

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Jouyato Jouyato 26 January 2020

no filt

that one makisaki doodle i did recently except without the filters

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Jouyato Jouyato 11 January 2020

sleath ship memes

some ship memes with sleep and death

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Jouyato Jouyato 15 July 2019

non binary day pt 2

hello happy internation non binary day again!!!!

here are my murder ocs again this year but ive decided on them all together with a coherent art style.

murder ocs bc they all can and will kill you (maybe except leo bc theyre nicer than the rest..... and also cassio bc they have people to do it for them)

anyways i guess ill be posting this on all their pages???? what a hassle lmao i broke it up into panels last year so it was easier to post on respective pages but yea gotta make do.

also from 3 nb ocs to 5 im out here wilding yall

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Jouyato Jouyato 23 June 2019


ive had these for weeks theyre even a month old i reckon idfk what to do with them im too lazy to fill out their goddamned info and gods 

i havent started on the boys yet bc im lazy also just designed the uniform recently but idk if im sure abt it. maybe ill just make it a normal gakuran after all idk. more test runs i guess.

also i changed kanon's name to kaede bc how in the hell did i rip off kanon matsubara without even being into bandori at the time i made this


done. took me. an hour minus a quarter. guess ill die now

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Jouyato Jouyato 8 April 2019

holy week break

it's prime horny time boys

some malheurs for the soul. ill update for more wips of this bc im invested.

currently got like. a shid ton of wips tbh. probs will never finish them

FELLAS. IS IT GAY IF I...... * S N I  F  F *

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Jouyato Jouyato 7 January 2019

big uwu

some extras uwu

theres some good baste. he says "sht im gay jean" btw in spanish and basque bc idk how swearing in basque works lmao

also a combination of the recent leo/xianyus ive drawn!!

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Jouyato Jouyato 7 December 2018

charm speculations

want to make a charm huhu

tchaika and maurice 

i was v tired from finals so doodled tchaika. decided to make a ravel one as well after finishing another finals project. just finished yet another finals project right now. im very tired. spiritually.

anyways gonna research charm making yea might make it

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Jouyato Jouyato 15 July 2018

non binary day!!

my sexuality is a mess and i dont know if im gay or aroace or panro bUT


ive never wanted to identify as either a boy or a girl as a child so there's that. got my gender straight and hell yeah am i proud of it. this is one thing i can claim for myself and oh man is it so satisying

Anyways here are Matteo, Vanessa, and Leo for nonbinary day!

most of my ocs are pretty androgynous and my repulsion towards identifying in a gender binary sometimes leaks towards my ocs but so far these are the only three i think who identify personally as nonbinary

also the different art styles huhu

matt is an angel like always

vanessa and leo are v monochrome bless

anyways thats all thanks!! ill upload cropped out versions in their page…

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Jouyato Jouyato 16 June 2018

needed a new desktop bg

ive been using that group photo with ravel and vines as my background for a long time now so guess i wanted a new desktop bg.

(speaking of vines i was absolutely knackered a while ago so i idly doodled him t posing in a t shirt and boxers and that was so off putting, seeing my boys in anything that isnt a suit)

uhhhhhh extended that one doodle i made of oph and hor to fit in hamlet

took me a couple of tries to get stuff right.

There's attempt no. 1. I used it with fit on the personalization so there'd be white excess but i didnt like it much so i enlarged the background to fit in the canvas.

attempt no. 2 was better but then it felt off with hamlet being edgy and dressing in black black while hor and oph wore muted maroon and navy

So I ended up …

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Jouyato Jouyato 27 May 2018

hey what is up yo

it's finally spring break and our dm decided to start a new campaign so dungeons and dragons is relevant again.

ive been doodling our party a lot uhhhhhh

so let me introduce Panem Vi

First is Ayla, our tiefling fighter. She's sort of the leader ay lmao. Dual wielder with ptsd from giants (she's died thrice from them now and it's only our???? fourth? fifth sessions??). 20 base charisma also swishes her tail a lot.

Uh second is Bryn. He sort of fell from a bridge and maybe died. He's missing and I think the party is trying to find him but who knows. Aloof, never was rlly close with the party, elf gunslinger, considered adentum his rival bc adentum is a better shot. also wore a gasmask and goggles to be edgy.


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Jouyato Jouyato 21 April 2018

basque boys

redid the shading on that one doodle of baste. heres the original anyways

such a pretty boy.

anyways yea. it's abt two boys who meet on the train. uh. baste's from donostia and jean's from donibane lohizune. hah. san sebastian and saint-jean-de-luz. i think im funny. jean's an author who studies literature in paris and goes to madrid to take creative writing lessons from his professor's close friend for the summer. sebastian is coincidentally going to the same university next semester and hops on a train to madrid to find accomodations there and check out the campus in general.

they meet in a train where jean writes abt the pretty boy seated across him and sebastian feigns ignorance and pretends not to notice the cute boy stealing glances at …

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Jouyato Jouyato 22 March 2018

probably a library thread

ill do any more updates on the library on this post i guess.

first of all i wanted to discuss.

this terrifying height difference.

That's more than a feet between them!!!

idk if leo is just That short or if xianyu is just that inhumanly tall. like christ let me zoom out the full sketches to compare

like !!!!!

also leo's hair in that sketch is so floof.

Anyways I never really actually talked abt the premise of the library. Basically it's originally set in Borges' The Library of Babel. Leonor had always longed for a family or any knowledge abt their origins. They join the Inquisitors to find out about their parents. Xianyu becomes their assigned partner. Gua is there bc all of his family were apparently past inquisitors.

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Jouyato Jouyato 20 March 2018

stuff abt the week


didnt draw digitally the past week

i started keeping a journal. it's in french. i don't know much french neither am i learning it. it's just google translated-proofread via my french dictionary bc im not a master at the grammar but hey yeah.

yesterday's entry was something like "I'm too tired to write, good night."

i want to draw more fish people. more leonor and xianyu. tbh i never decided if gua or xianyu was the first name but i guess i just call him xianyu bc idk surname-first name rule. i dont even have a plan for what in the world gua and xianyu are written as. perhaps ill search now wait 栝仙玉 what do you think. It's more of Xian Yu than Xianyu but doesn't matter. Gua as the gua for a juniper tree then xian yu for immortal jade or…

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Jouyato Jouyato 3 March 2018


spring vacation is near.

i am moving back to the philippines in like idk a month. april 2.

after 10 years abroad.

10 years.

thats a long time.

anyways more time to draw!! Spring!!

I've been focused on this painting recently.

Yes, of Ravel, dear gods help me.

I'm enjoying it.

And knowing me, I can't draw Ravel without Vines. May God help me in that case. (As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Menuet Spectral and oh. Here comes Oisseux Tristes. I'm such trash.)

(Menuet Spectral was written by Vines and dedicated to Ravel and Oiseaux Tristes vice-versa. Only Vines seemed to be the one to appreciate the Sad Birds back then anyways.)

I could rant abt Vines and Ravel for a while or I could show you my crippling amount of WIPs.

Here you go.

Yikes. That's like.…

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Jouyato Jouyato 26 January 2018

flattt and some stuff

Flat colouring.

Might do more sketches on old OCs and sht


im uh


so far im planning to draw

Cafe Parade

and uh


Ravel and Vines


Maurice Ravel and Ricardo Vines shading the Saint Marceux as stated in Vines' diary haha


im a nerd ive been reading biographies lately 

so yeah thats about it on my to draw list but like as for my schedule i want to er marathon the good place and uh watch the shape of water. thats about it. 

(also i just watched act 1 of ballet russes' daphnis et chloe last week i feel enlightened might watch act 2 and 3 later and draw art of my goatherd boy and his shepherd gf)

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Kellysinaga Kellysinaga 21 January 2018

OC plans

oookay. checked my current OC count and it's...

126 freaking characters and counting. that's a lot. the thing is, I've actually made designs and personalities (sometimes also backstories) for a handful of the OCs.

wow. I really need to actually improve on them

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Jouyato Jouyato 20 January 2018

more extra ronald doods

literally nothing changes except i add mild shading.

why did i do the ronald sketches in flat colour.

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Jouyato Jouyato 28 December 2017

transparencies and shading

alternate of the ronald dood with balloons

couldnt be bothered with bg so i made it transparent

light source was weird and i couldnt be bothered to change the colouring

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Jouyato Jouyato 16 September 2017

another extra version

diff. colouring of the mika sketch i did

i like the way the skin and the hair colour interact.

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Jouyato Jouyato 5 August 2017

colour filters stuff

so with my recent buma sketch i saturated + lowered the color deepness and added more contrast after. coloured with an overlay layer. it still feels too saturated but idk. i felt like the original was too warm lmao.

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Jouyato Jouyato 26 June 2017

cartoon style experiment

different versions of this:

Quite a bit as you can see. Had to think of how to crop it. Added a few trees on the final.

I quite like this drwaing style. Quite sceptic about the colouring and I'll have to think how to shade it later on but I think it's nice.

I've been thinking of how to make a good cartoon-ish style for a while now and finally ended up with this. Would've wanted to make the face more rounded but it seems okay enough.

Anyways got to sleep. Gute Nacht.

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Jouyato Jouyato 21 June 2017

introggen swan lake au

i have no idea what to call the ship name for adan and sibyl. so let us just call the ship name Emporia after the country/capital/idk i should re-read the story lmao.

so i watched the 2014 Vienna State Ballet's Swan Lake.

take it in mind that this is the first time i watched the whole ballet (ive listened to the suite a lot but never really got down to watch the ballet) so yes. i came for petya's music but stayed for the dancing. and music. and story. and basically everything. i wasnt invested in the story at first but darn diddly doo boy. it was quite nice actually. (seigfried died alone in this version by drowning to his death lmao)

the costumes were absolutely superb. it was all very toned down colours matched with white, silver, and bronz…

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Jouyato Jouyato 21 April 2017

havent been drawing lately

ive been pianoing. i -abandon- pause pieces a lot when i get too tired of reading the darn diddly chords.

Took up Valse Sentimentale which is honestly such a delight to play. It's tricky at first but after a couple of goes you get the hang of it. The chords??? I had an easier time reading them in comparison to Dance of the Little Swans??? Also completely halted Gymnopedie no.1. Dunno if i'll pick it up again.

Also dear god help me ive been in a Satie mood throughout the week and it's just rlly bad because???? Avant-garde things make me want to death and it's just rlly bad in general??? I hate avant-garde??

ive been writing as well which is nice. have a bunch of drawings i dont want to colour. whatever. yeah. bye. (ill colour them some time i s…

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Jouyato Jouyato 2 April 2017


ive taken up the piano again. currently working on Satie's Gymopedie no. 1 (my right hand suffers. the notes for my left are too far so i have to do it with my right hand and it just becomes convoluted chords) and Tchaika's Dance of The Little Swans. u think Satie would be easier since his stuff are slower and less convoluted but he places the chords apart and im suffering.

Meanwhile, Tchaika is a delight. The piece is easy and delicate for people like me because hey. im a beginner and the most ive dealt with music before was studying (?? skimming through??) music theory and learning how to read music in general.

I still suck at it though. cant play both hands as well as i can with Satie. I'm done with page one out of four in Gymnopedie. Im …

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Jouyato Jouyato 29 March 2017


broke my uploading streak. why u may ask?

two things, maybe three?

1. I dont want to draw

2. Sketching but not colouring

3. Ensemble Stars will be the death of me

Currently I have a bunch of sketches. HTF one for my friend's birthday which is on the 30th. It's full body as well. My friend says the legs are a menace but I just really prefer drawing shorter people. I guess I have to adjust the heads next time???

There are a bunch of other things but yeah. dont want to draw nor colour

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Jouyato Jouyato 19 March 2017

bunch of extras

hi so first of all the most recent one (i just finished it),

comparison of the sketch i did with the reference.

The Girl With a Pearl Earring is a v popular piece. It's somehow considered the Mona Lisa of Northern Europe???? idk

Anyways yeah.

Next up if u missed the shoddy old version,

idk why but i really dislike this it looks rlly bad???? it bothers me a lot

In my traditional canon sketches, Adan was supposed to have an undercut but for some reason I changed that becaused idk

im an idiot

everything there is so misalligned his body twists a different way from his head and so do the clothes and the legs to the torso and im just?????

this is the worst???? I tried to clean it up but like yeah

Then like for the Nocturnes, I coloured the latest one a bit…

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Jouyato Jouyato 4 March 2017

Dreiten Lore

probably add more sometime.

Innocence of children, capability of men.

Even as one of the youngest races, the Genes are the most influential despite their inability to harbor magic. In the rare occassion one of them becomes born with Dreiten's blessing of harnessing nature's magic, the Genes appoint the person as a priest who oversees a piece of their wide territory. This authority is seen as unsatisfactory to most people though thus if ever a magic wielding Genes is born, their powers stay uncultivated for fear of using it and getting discovered. This is because of the knowledge that priests die early of exhaustion due to keeping the land fertile and produce abundant.

Genes are characterized by their soft rounded ears, fair eyes and dark hair…

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Jouyato Jouyato 20 January 2017

working on a project

it's a big arse work and my laptop is weak and sai keeps freezing and each time i save i just sWEAT because it hangs and i dont know if it'll crash.

im sick and i have to finish by sunday. it's going to be printed as an A0 banner on tarp and mY HEADACHE IS SLIGHTLY UNBEARABLE AND OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS THERE'S JUST A LOT TO DO FOR SCHOOL I WANT TO REST

Classical music keeps me alive (the opposite of what classical art does to me good grief)

here's a link to a wip of an Engellische-Sit'elsin Dictionary of some sort also:

Here's the monstrosity anyways. My colouring style is definitely not for flashy, large bollocks.

Also Im going to change the background to fit the theme (which i havent…

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Jouyato Jouyato 10 November 2016

unnamed Lafi'at- kun

me: back views are so awkward ill never draw one again

also me: *draws another back view*

so since th last back view i drew of ULC wasnt exactly that correct, i made another one. but it looked worse in comparison to the other so it ends up dumped here

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Jouyato Jouyato 27 July 2016

fruit children

(Apfel showing skin aaaaAAAA)


it is i.

the fruit trash.

here's a colored doodle. 

i need to color it in black and white but.

my darn tablet pressure chose to die after i painstakingly saved this (it took like 4-5 times before yeah)

so now im stuck with color for the blog and none for the actual page

headcanon time. (they're watching a movie btw in the picture if u didnt notice ok yeah)

Orangen loves blue. He loves it even if Apfel says it clashes terribly since he's a fuluckity flacking orange (saved it. no swearing for this alice.).

(Apfel's secretly fond of the color around (surrounding???) Orangen actually. He finds it endearing.(just not on himself pls god no he would be a bright mess))

if you didnt notice, Apfel somewhat dresses better ou…

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Jouyato Jouyato 23 July 2016

more extra orangen and apfels yo

Yo. Recently I've been saying yo too much yo. Also recently, I've been eliminating any sort of Japanese in my vocabulary yo. I'm re-learning English since mine has detoriorated so much from learning another language. Also if you've noticed, I'm doing proper capitalization now.

I had some coffee earlier so I think that's why I feel a bit more alive.

So on the way to becoming the ultimate westernized Alice, I've been picking up... I feel like a weeaboo now. This is like shameful. But I've been picking up and adding English words to my vocabulary. Like. I've always leaned towards the English way of speaking as opposed to those darned American's vocabulary.

Ok, ok wait up I'm confusing myself. Okay. So I grew up speaking American English but rece…

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Jouyato Jouyato 16 July 2016

how to kill an alice

(i have to warn u halfway through this becomes me reacting to the show playing on the tv rn)

make them make badges.

im making the badges for the achievements yo.

also cringey achievement titles.

"H-owl you doing"

.... *cringe* (How're you doing)

"Did you c-owl" (Did you call)


"Owl have to say" (I'll have to say)

oh my god im cringing rn

for the secret 

omg theres this show on tv and it's so gay i swear. basically this nerd and this gang leader. 




ok so the gang leader was like. failing at school. and the nerd volunteered to tutor him or something. then like. woah dude. gang leader-kun passes his tests now. and like. he's like. "…

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Jouyato Jouyato 16 July 2016


So I got the adminship.


you like how the wiki looks now?

Well anyways, the favicon thing was a bust so I just made it. Non moving. I guess.

so yea. just wanted. to say. im the admin now. 

ok bye

I feel proud sort of.

Like a mother.

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Jouyato Jouyato 14 July 2016

so on the topic of orangen and apfel

I've been doodling them a lot.

last year i doodled monsieur fleur on my papers and this year im doodling the two children on most of my papers.

it's the fun part of being academically gifted.

you get extra minutes after tests to doodle.

this is monsieur by the way

sorry if this isnt that great

he's seen better.

i used to be into monsieurcest

which is basically two monsieurs together

i have an example in my phone let me send it to my laptop

too lazy to crop it but u can see

i had a specific notebook wherein i drew my monsieurcest. that notebook is gone. even now i feel a pang in my chest. it had so much good monsieurcest. i forgot about monsieurcest and eventually forgot why i liked monsieur fleur in the first place.

this is the reason why i've moved i…

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Jouyato Jouyato 14 July 2016

haha u nerd


i just decided that since im not posting it in the page

i might as well post it here.

here, have a colored apfel and orangen.

it's the first time ive colored them actually.

i like keeping them in black and white but i desperately needed to see Orangen in slyTHERIN COLORS YO.

My child is such flickity flacking Slytherin I flacking can't. 

I thought about sorting him into Ravenclaw 'cause he's quiet and all that shizzle.






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Jouyato Jouyato 8 July 2016

editing the wiki


The wiki's a mess

if u havent noticed.

I've requested for adminship on community central

but so far


I need to fix the bg.

it still has a watermark which is funny

it's stolen

i'll be editing the wiki's appearance and tool bar which currently, is p flickity flacking useless.

i already have a favicon at hand

it's of Cerberus lol

it's animated too.


(RIP Cherub)

well anyways. the front page is ok for now. I haven't made a background yet. i plan to include cherub again as a mascot. but for now it's just cerberus. i think i'll have him present the rules once i've thought of some. currently i have:

- no reposting other people's work into the wiki

- no stealing art off the wiki

so yea. what else. idk. no one comes by here anyways so there's no ne…

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