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Im having a mild meltdown at how old this character is, I need a better name, also for the love of christ pls proceed down to the more recent sketches 

Info? : 

  • I made her when I was 6.... explains the name...
  • When I first drew her I was all like: I wanna be like this
  • Wavy, orange hair
  • Neonish green eyes
  • Yes, I wanted to have red hair and green eyes...
  • Tomboyish?

Haha... She's my ideal girl actually...

Pls ignore all that jazz it was probably me being gay or some sht before i realized i was gay

also i finally resemble her somewhat and i hate it i hate orange hair but i GUESS the haircut's cool.

OLD drawings

//Inner meltdown. MY DRAWINGS LOOKED SO BAD. I MEAN. Asksjxjnn

Newer drawings? Still bad tho