(Apfel showing skin aaaaAAAA)


it is i.

the fruit trash.

here's a colored doodle. 

i need to color it in black and white but.

my darn tablet pressure chose to die after i painstakingly saved this (it took like 4-5 times before yeah)

so now im stuck with color for the blog and none for the actual page

headcanon time. (they're watching a movie btw in the picture if u didnt notice ok yeah)

Orangen loves blue. He loves it even if Apfel says it clashes terribly since he's a fuluckity flacking orange (saved it. no swearing for this alice.).

(Apfel's secretly fond of the color around (surrounding???) Orangen actually. He finds it endearing.(just not on himself pls god no he would be a bright mess))

if you didnt notice, Apfel somewhat dresses better out of the two. Well you probably didnt notice.

Ok. So it's not really that prevalent(???) but Apfel cares more about how he looks. Not really but. He fusses if he sees something out.

idk. i suck at headcannons why am i alive