ive been pianoing. i -abandon- pause pieces a lot when i get too tired of reading the darn diddly chords.

Took up Valse Sentimentale which is honestly such a delight to play. It's tricky at first but after a couple of goes you get the hang of it. The chords??? I had an easier time reading them in comparison to Dance of the Little Swans??? Also completely halted Gymnopedie no.1. Dunno if i'll pick it up again.

Also dear god help me ive been in a Satie mood throughout the week and it's just rlly bad because???? Avant-garde things make me want to death and it's just rlly bad in general??? I hate avant-garde??

ive been writing as well which is nice. have a bunch of drawings i dont want to colour. whatever. yeah. bye. (ill colour them some time i swear)