Yo. Recently I've been saying yo too much yo. Also recently, I've been eliminating any sort of Japanese in my vocabulary yo. I'm re-learning English since mine has detoriorated so much from learning another language. Also if you've noticed, I'm doing proper capitalization now.

I had some coffee earlier so I think that's why I feel a bit more alive.

So on the way to becoming the ultimate westernized Alice, I've been picking up... I feel like a weeaboo now. This is like shameful. But I've been picking up and adding English words to my vocabulary. Like. I've always leaned towards the English way of speaking as opposed to those darned American's vocabulary.

Ok, ok wait up I'm confusing myself. Okay. So I grew up speaking American English but recently I've been *cringe* picking up a British accent.... since I've been reading mostly English literature. IT FEELS SO BAD IF IT WAS JUST ME LEARNING ENGLISH GRAMMAR/VOCABULARY (again, including my current studies at school) I WOULD'VE BEEN OKAY WITH IT AND NOT FEEL LIKE A WEEB BUT FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE IT'S SO BAD SINCE I'M STARTING TO TALK IN A BRITISH ACCENT AND YES, I AM FULLY ASHAMED THAT I'M CORRUPTING MY SPEECH WITH AN ACCENT EVEN IF IT'S UNNEEDED AND-

ok calmato alice.

hello it is i, alice. the old alice is back, hullo.

so i drew stuff. and here's stuff i won't be posting on the page again.


i wanted to draw a background. it doesn't fit the page's style so i didn't post it. but i think it adds to the atmosphere more.

ahahaha i can't i'm talking about "atmosphere" and serious things like that with a small doodle containing two fruit

anyways yes. i bid thee farewell as i must get going now. pls forget i ever wrote in decent english with proper capitalization *shudder*. must stay dead inside twenty four seven. Quite hard to do with caffein in my veins though.


Hallo. Again.

So I decided to use the one with the background on the page. I added a frame as to not interfere with the aesthetics of the simple white background theme the gallery has.

I use PNG so Sai saved it the first time with transparency haha. Here tis be

Ahahaha i am geniosity

I suppose it looks quite decent.

Here's the one without a background.


It looks weird haha. 

Anyways, yes. That's quite enough of me.

Goodnight y'all (kill me why did i pick that up of all things. why must it be a part of my daily vocab now)