it's a big arse work and my laptop is weak and sai keeps freezing and each time i save i just sWEAT because it hangs and i dont know if it'll crash.

im sick and i have to finish by sunday. it's going to be printed as an A0 banner on tarp and mY HEADACHE IS SLIGHTLY UNBEARABLE AND OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS THERE'S JUST A LOT TO DO FOR SCHOOL I WANT TO REST

Classical music keeps me alive (the opposite of what classical art does to me good grief)

here's a link to a wip of an Engellische-Sit'elsin Dictionary of some sort also:

How do u like death served
Here's the monstrosity anyways. My colouring style is definitely not for flashy, large bollocks.

Also Im going to change the background to fit the theme (which i havent even finished yet)

That's all anyways. Haven't been able to draw as much because of this.


I caught a cold again this week. Just lay me in a ditch and let me die.

I've been in a Christmassy mood recently. Put on my beloved Chaika on speakers today. Still in my Christmas sweater.

It's been cold this week... my voice didn't get better since im still practicing for a performance for the bloody science fair.

Also headache again.

Finished the banner last Saturday. Didn't get to watch Sherlock :(


Hial mary
fixed the background. my colouring gets better the more details there are. i think.

i hope it wins. i really hope it wins. im proud of it and i like it.

i want to bring myself down to prevent getting disappointed but i cant because I just feel very, very proud of this and I. bye.

Pyotr Chaika keeps me alive

Got the results weeks ago. Didn't win. Got third place though.