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ive been using that group photo with ravel and vines as my background for a long time now so guess i wanted a new desktop bg.

(speaking of vines i was absolutely knackered a while ago so i idly doodled him t posing in a t shirt and boxers and that was so off putting, seeing my boys in anything that isnt a suit)

uhhhhhh extended that one doodle i made of oph and hor to fit in hamlet

attempt 1

took me a couple of tries to get stuff right.

There's attempt no. 1. I used it with fit on the personalization so there'd be white excess but i didnt like it much so i enlarged the background to fit in the canvas.

attempt 2

attempt no. 2 was better but then it felt off with hamlet being edgy and dressing in black black while hor and oph wore muted maroon and navy

So I ended up with attempt no. 3, hopefully the final attempt wherein everyone's in desaturated clothes and looks extra emo.

And thats the current state of affairs for me now.

attempt no. 3