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I've been doodling them a lot.

last year i doodled monsieur fleur on my papers and this year im doodling the two children on most of my papers.

it's the fun part of being academically gifted.

you get extra minutes after tests to doodle.

this is monsieur by the way

Flower man over there is Monsieur.

sorry if this isnt that great

he's seen better.

i used to be into monsieurcest

which is basically two monsieurs together

i have an example in my phone let me send it to my laptop

SkypePhoto 20160611 195201.jpg

too lazy to crop it but u can see

i had a specific notebook wherein i drew my monsieurcest. that notebook is gone. even now i feel a pang in my chest. it had so much good monsieurcest. i forgot about monsieurcest and eventually forgot why i liked monsieur fleur in the first place.

this is the reason why i've moved into my second pair of ocs. orangen and apfel.

i started shipping them and now im a mess.

why must alice be so gay this is ridiculous.

anyways yeah now i pay more attention to orangen kun and apfel kun.

so i was thinking since this year's doodles are so much more legit,

if i should like. make a page dedicated to it. or like. at least add a trad art section in the orangen und apfel page.

last year i drew 35+ doodles (42 i think?) of monsieur and yeah

as of now i've got plenty of orangen and apfel in the papers that've been returned. a piece of my soul goes out to each and every of these tiny doodles and i feel so incomplete with the other unreturned papers.

i yeah..... this blog is long..... bye

a piece of my heart always goes out to every OC I doodle. so it hurts when they're gone maybe. yeah. it hurts a bit im still seperated. hanare-banare.