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spring vacation is near.

i am moving back to the philippines in like idk a month. april 2.

after 10 years abroad.

10 years.


thats a long time.

anyways more time to draw!! Spring!!

I've been focused on this painting recently.

Yes, of Ravel, dear gods help me.

I'm enjoying it.

And knowing me, I can't draw Ravel without Vines. May God help me in that case. (As I'm typing this, I'm listening to Menuet Spectral and oh. Here comes Oisseux Tristes. I'm such trash.)

(Menuet Spectral was written by Vines and dedicated to Ravel and Oiseaux Tristes vice-versa. Only Vines seemed to be the one to appreciate the Sad Birds back then anyways.)

I could rant abt Vines and Ravel for a while or I could show you my crippling amount of WIPs.

Here you go.


Yikes. That's like. Eight doodles excluding the Ravel painting.

anyways im doing fine today. might not be doing so fine by the end of the school year but for now im fine.

I'll get back to life after well. School. Yeah. Bye for now.